Interesting news from the Guardian regarding Apple. As I have said before, the unfortunate losses in the value of the pound will begin to hit. 

Now Apple have announced they are changing the way their apps are priced by numerically matching the cost of apps to the cost of the US apps.

Practically this means that an app costing $0.99 will cost £0.99. This equates to an approximate 25% increase which it is said will counter the "depreciation of the pound". 

The economic issues are now trickling through to consumers, as well as impacting upon UK businesses 

As the fall out from Brexit continues, Apple is unlikely to be the last overseas business to do so.

However, it is important to note that the UK is not the only country affected by Apple's new pricing structure. The move will also affect India and Turkey too. Although how this can be said to be due to uncertainties of Brexit is unknown. 

Watch this space!