Tom Brady was last week confirmed as the Madden 18 cover star. For those of you not up on your American sports, Brady is an American football player for the New England Patriots. Being the “Madden” computer franchise cover star is an honour reserved for the crème de la crème – the top players who are also a favourite with sports fans.

Whilst Brady is undoubtedly a world star, EA Sports, who run the Madden franchise have given the pending title an additional tagline not seen before – “GOAT EDITION”, or Greatest of All Time, this off the back of Brady becoming the only quarterback in history to win 5 Superbowls after another triumph last season.

This made me recall the start of the season. Brady was suspended for 4 games for his role in Deflategate - essentially in a previous playoff game against Indianapolis Brady’s football had been found to have been not properly inflated, which by common ground gave an advantage in throwing and grip in certain conditions.

Brady denied involvement but issues arose regarding disclosure of phone records and text messages to the extent that it counted against him. Explanations on broken phones and the like were given and Brady chose not to appeal due to family circumstances.

To me the latest development with Brady is not a confirmation of his sporting prowess but an interesting example to the legal sector and clients that even the most difficult of reputational circumstances and case outcome can be overcome with the right circumstances and delivery. Perhaps it is a lesson to us all that the most important time for many clients will be the time directly after a case, not before it.