The issues raised in this article are not unusual sadly. There are many litigants in person and law firms who use the insolvency route to place pressure on a debtor to cough up. 

Indeed, for the right case, this is something that I have regularly done.

Where things go wrong, however, is where the insolvency route is used for disputed debts. 

Whilst individuals and businesses acting without legal representation may be forgiven for not appreciating this, there is no such excuse for law firms. 

Utilising the insolvency route can be a tactical decision (and in some instances cheaper than resorting to traditional civil proceedings). However, at the point when a dispute arises regarding the underlying debt, the pursuance of matters through insolvency proceedings must be discontinued.

In my opinion the Judge was right to highlight the rude language of the solicitors involved in this matter, along with a misuse of the insolvency proceedings.