This is an article that I wrote for Your Horse in November. 

Sharing a horse can often be a great way of owning your dream horse or pony; you can share the enjoyment, responsibility and costs which ordinarily would have to be borne alone. 

What happens when you and the person you are sharing the horse with disagree on something? If you do not have an agreement setting out how you deal with the situation you could find yourselves at stalemate, or worse in a Court arguing about how to resolve the situation which can be both time consuming and costly. 

I would recommend anyone who is thinking of sharing a horse to have a simple 'worst case scenario' agreement drawn up that you both agree to, sign and date. The agreement can include things such as: 

How costs relating to the horse will be split;

Who gets to ride the horse and when; 

Who will muck the horse out and let it out (especially on the dark winter mornings when it is freezing cold and raining); and

What happens when there is a dispute - how will you resolve this? 

Hopefully you will never fall out or need to rely on the agreement; if you do fall out for whatever reason, you will both be able to rely on the agreement. 

If you have any queries in relation to disputes relating to any aspect of horse ownership, or if you would like an agreement drawing up, please contact Rebecca Stojak, who is an expert in equine law on, 0115 945 4678 or